The debate continues over designing an Australian Made logo
that accurately and simply shows us how ‘Australian’ a product is.

Australian Made Logo

problem solved!

The “Australian Made” logo is about giving the producer and the consumer the
tools to provide accurate source information about any product.

What is the Australian Made logo?

The Australian Made logo is unique in its ability to provide a truthful
and easy to understand visual indication of the source of any product.

By looking for the Australian Made logo you can see for yourself just how much of any item is
actually Australian by the stated percentage scores for Content, Owned, Made and Packed

Why the Australian Made logo?

The concept for the Australian Made logo has been around for over fourteen years but now with the growing ground swell of Australians looking for a clear for a clear and unambiguous means of determining just what is the Australian percentage of any given product. Primary Producers have lead the call for clearer labeling as their livelihoods are under threat by imported fresh foods (Agriculture) and other produce such as flowers (Horticulture) and seafood (Aquaculture).
These imports are also finding there way into the manufacturing Industry. Currently the only notice of this may be a statement such as “Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients”.  So how much of that content is really Australian? Maybe as little as 1%, and because it’s “Made in Australia” they can use that label or one of the other “Made in Australia” Logos / Trademarks.
This is clearly misleading, so in order to bring clarity to this hidden problem Australian Made logo was born.

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